We Develop Mobile Solutions for Companies

Flipbox is a digital mobile solution studio established since 2010 based in Jakarta. We are trusted by various brands and companies to build valuable, functional, and beautiful mobile applications.

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We Innovate Enterprises

We collaborated with Havas Media to conduct AXA Indonesia’s campaign: AXA UL Child and AXA Ingat Sehat (2014 -2015) by creating a mobile application that combine health care institutions directory and daily health challenges to support their annual event. We'll always love the dynamics and delights that happened when a big enterprise trying innovate further into mobile space.

— Mobile App Development (Android and iOS)

We Launch Startups

Partnering with CKB for Dianta Express has elevated our services into the next level. Dianta Express trusts us to build their new business strategy by developing mobile application for their services. In order to create the best app, we need understand user's behaviour so we validate our initial assumptions by holding an FGD to get customer insights and real user experience feedbacks.

— Digital Strategy
— Mobile App Development (Android and iOS)
— Website Development

We Partner with Agencies

We're always open for mutual-partnership with Agencies. It will always be a fun work to collaborate for a challenging projects such as Smartfren Conference App. We specifically developed SF Conference App to digitalise distribution of event information to more than 300 Smartfren’s distributors all over Indonesia, Hongkong and China. By using SF Conference App, user will keep updated all about the itinerary including flight schedules and venue location.

— Mobile App Development (Android)

We Create Our Own Products

Amplifia is our first product focusing on marketing automaton for B2B customers. Launched in 2014, Amplifia empowers employees to be the brand's most trusted ambassadors, encourages them to share news and updates from various sources relevant to the brand's image and digital presence.

— Digital Strategy
— Mobile App Development (Android and iOS)
— Website Development
How We Work

We work based on analytic path with data as our guidance. Creating solution of a complex front-end and back-end system and walk you through the whole process to bring your idea into reality.

Agile Methodology
A combination between waterfall and scrum is how we implement the agile methodology in our workflow.
Based on Performance
Our goal is to help brands and stakeholders to achieve KPIs. The more value you get, the more it also benefit us.
User-centered Design
Every design of our project starts with designing the best experience for user, and combine it with latest technology.

Selected Clients

We are delighted to work together with leading brands from various industries in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

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