About Us

The industry is on the verge of a whole new paradigm - mobility. Here we are, taking the steps to do mobile digital transformation, to revolutionise the industry.

Humble Beginnings

Flipbox was founded by three youngsters from three different background: business, design, and technology. This mixture of knowledge resulting in our big concern for the whole User Experience in every product we made by combining business viability, technology visibility, and human desirability.

We gather for one vision: build digital mobile transformation in Indonesia.

When we are together, mixtures of various ingredients and some secret recipes are created, resulting in good team with deep design, development and business knowledge.

Our Team

Our team fueled by hunger for quality, eagerness to learn and the curiosity on trying new approach. We focus on strategy, design, and development as we passionately pursue satisfaction in digital craftmanship.

Harya Bimo
Eriza Hanif
Managing Director
Faizal Rahman
Design Director
Bukhori M. Aqid
Chief Technology Officer
Andri Rahman
Chief Financial Officer
Putri Kerstiawati
Account Manager
A.C. Arsyady
Project Manager
Bhakti Firdaus
Senior Designer
Fika Marchelita
Project Management Officer
Deden Maulana
Software Developer
M. Irvan Tommi
Software Developer
Rocky Soelaeman
Head of General Affair
Cut Syahlisa
Human Resources Officer
Surya Darman
General Staff
Krisan Alfa Timur
Senior Software Developer
Nurfirliana Muzanella
Front End Developer
Deafany Wulansari
Project Manager
Olla Renilda
Account Executive
Suryo Satrio
Mobile Developer
Novia Pratiwi
Project Manager
Zulfikar Mulyakusuma
Quality Assurance
Syaiful Amin
Senior iOS Developer
Bardan Putra Prananto
Mobile Developer
Ida Ayu Ratih Pradnyasuari
Quality Control
Ricky Julianto
Quality Assurance

Our Values

We believe the real revolution happened when Internet of Things starts to make sense to be commoditized, when informations transfers are getting ridiculously easy without restricted to certain tools. We agreed, mobility is the key.

  • On Resilience.

    Embrace Reslience

    Fail fast, fail better. We respect and embrace mistakes, but we don't take failure lightly. For us, mistakes are not the way to achieve perfection. Endurance and ability to bounce back are the key when failure happen.

  • On People.

    Human Empowerment

    Our culture is to recognise who we truly are, and become the best of ourselves. Whether it's within the team or clients, we try to be honest with each other, help each other, respect each other, and learn together.

  • On Simplicity.

    Experience Over Profit

    Simple things are often the most beautiful. It is understandable, executable, and give more significant impact. We always try to implement simplicity in our work life, business plan, design, and code.

  • On Live.

    Work to Live

    We consider work as one part of life, not the other way around. It is needed, but it does not needed to be imposed. We work hard, play hard, and sleep eight hours per day.

  • On Collaboration.

    Collaboration Beyond Contract

    We are team that are built upon the proud of craftmanship, which was not upon expertise but excellence. It means commitment to over deliver and always be responsible on hard situations.

Working at Flipbox

We always try to make that eight hours spent everyday at the office fun and relaxed to help us focused on doing our best work.

Now, when do we start?

Let’s collaborate and work on meaningful projects and build great apps. Drop your email and we will be in touch with you.

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