Do We Like Pictures Better Than Words?

Bukhori Muhammad Aqid June 6, 2016

They said that one picture is worth thousand words, or in our case : Pictures can attract more engagement than thousand words.

Last month Flipbox just finished wrapping up a project : Android application + content management system for events. The event lasted for 2 days, and after all done we look at our app analytics data and here’s what we found :

  1. Gallery is the screen with most visit!
    The app gallery is filled with photos from user and the event organizer. Turns out people love to see event updates through pictures.
  2. We also made a photo upload feature ( a selfie contest ). And in the span of 2 days, we got 187 photo submission from around ~200 participants. The selfie screen got 3rd position for visit count.

Of course, seeing those simple facts got me thinking : Why?

There might be some reasons like :

  • Looking at images gives us a quick overview of what happened, faster than reading texts. A glimpse is all you need to understand the context.
  • Images can spark discussions faster than text-based content. ( Hey, look at this photo! It’s blablabla~ )

Or maybe the reason is simply because pictures are more pleasant in the eye and easier for the mind to comprehend.

Either way, we sure will put that in mind the next time we design another app and compare the results for future references.

PS : you might want to read more about picture superiority effects and the discussions that revolves around it.

Original post by @bukhorimuhammad