Don’t Waste Money on Product Advertising

Bukhori Muhammad Aqid June 6, 2016

During my time with Flipbox, we met a lot of clients with more or less the same requirement : they want to promote and/or increase their brand recognition through making something interesting so that people will use it and spread the good words to another.

They spent marketing budget, creating campaign with the hope that it will increase sales, outsource the development to third parties, and so on. That is one way to promote your products, and your company. But there’s no sense of continuity about the approach. After the campaign is done, then that’s it. It’s up to the market to decide. But what if there’s another way? A long term — hopefully more sustainable way to promote growth for the company and its products?

Let’s start with some questions :

What do every company have in common?

Every company, be it big or small have people. They have employees, leaders, people that runs the company. People that are impactful to another people with their interaction and influence.

How can we promote growth through people?
By empowering them.

Why empower people?

Most of the companies are faceless entity. They are objects without characters. When somebody want to asks questions, they get directed to social media page, customer support / FAQ page, or contact form instead of a person they can talk and relate.

By empowering your employees, they can, and they will be the face of your company. They’ll happily share the knowledge of the products, answer questions, and recommend products to your target market. What’s better than organic word of mouth for a promotion?

How exactly are we going to empower people?

Let’s start with simple things.
Knowledge is power. Provide them with knowledge.

People that are passionate and proud about their work will give the impression that their company is awesome, that their products are trustworthy. And how do we induce passion to the people? By sharing the company’s vision and knowledge. By communicating vision, values, and knowledge they will have a better understanding about the company. And since knowledge is power, your employee will be a more powerful force to the company.

People fear what they don’t understand. Don’t make them afraid to speak their opinion about the company.

Knowing the company’s goals and visions will enable your employee to have a clear aim about their work.
Providing relevant articles and tips will enable your employee to work efficiently.
Rewarding employees for their influential (social media) activities will increase their sense of belonging to the company.
Believing about the company’s vision will turn employees into a loyal and active brand ambassador.

A company full of proud and motivated people will achieve its goals faster.

It’s time to empower your employees. They are the ones that make your company ticks, that will bring it to the next level.
Because if your employee doesn’t believe in your vision, then who will?

Original post by @bukhorimuhammad