How to Define Features for Mobile Application

Eriza Hanif November 2, 2016

Mobile application has been rapidly developed for the last few years to support whatever the goal is. Promotes your new product, engaged your customer or maybe reach new target market to expand your business are all result that could come by building mobile apps for your business.

Now let’s say you want to build an apps to rocketing your business, you know exactly your reasons and probably what you want to notice next is, “How much it’ll cost?”

Building an Apps might have different numbers of cost, and mostly it depends on your request. We, at Flipbox, specifically measure it based on your purpose and of course what exactly that your business needs. Let’s see the venn first:

It describes that when your purposes meet your needs, then the requirement will speak itself based on how details are them both. On top of the corners could be your nature, your business profile, business process or maybe your target market. Right after that, the requirement will reflects all features. Yes, it is the features that will speak the price.

Now we are getting somewhere. Let’s talk about the case.

Issue : It’s Mr. Sh who work for a Mall, one of the biggest Mall that we know, has a problem with the number of his points redemption on loyalty program, which is too small and xxxx. He know that the proportion of member who exchange their transaction into points are really not that big. He achived the target but he feels that the loyalty program is just a program, not more. He, at first didn’t really think that it will impact the engagement but now, is questioning if the rewards and prizes that the Mall offers are not attractive enough or maybe it’s because the lack of effort in promoting this program to Mall’s visitor. Hmm..


Malls on the sub-urban have lots of opportunities to seize all the benefits. Crowded by housewives for (maybe) regular shopping and workers for lunch-meeting or maybe just a little bit of shopping on weekdays. Not only that, weekend is the peak-days for these places. Most families choose to spend their time to enjoy the weekend at the Mall. Not to mention the Ramadan Season and Christmas, you might have to bring your own oxygen to Mall, haha!

Yes, the opportunity is huge and Mall is really in the ideal condition for loyalty program if they want to achieve the numbers. But it won’t have any specific changes if he’s not doing something to pump it. Of course we still have to make it simple for the visitors, which is engaging yet familiar to the market. What is the solution that could simplify all with an opulent achievement? The answer is digital solution called Mobile Apps. Why?


Mobile Apps are making the loyalty program more easier and functional at the same time in increasing the transaction for all tenants and the engagement itself to the Mall.


– Get more member
– Make them use the loyalty card for every transaction made
– Make members redeem their points
– You want to get insights on how your programs going

Now, before you come to your future developer, you already know the requirements for your mobile application.
Flipbox, our company love this methods to define features: we are using scenario to describe moment of truth when users are using the app, it’ll give broader images for us and clients about the capabilities of mobile applications

– Users register to participate on the program
– Current members login on the mobile app
– New users and current users see their profile with current points and rewards
– Users can easily see their points after transactions made
– Users see directory of current promo and rewards available
– Users easily redeem their points to get rewards
– User can get notification if there is new promo / events
– User can share their experience on mall in social media to get more points
– You can manage and control all current promo and gamification of the program
– You can see the profile of your users
– You can get behavioral and financial data about your loyalty program coming from app

With this information, what you need to do is a gracious discussion with your vendor (and please, don’t just give them a short brief through email) also make sure you get their insight as feedback of your list. Why discussion is important? Because most qualified vendors already have experience with other clients that maybe can broad your perspective to build a new digital tools for your business. Also, with the discussion you can ask for the most convenience way to you to handle the platform. Flipbox as Digital Solution specifically in Mobile Apps has valuable experience in this section, about business that coming for us to re-build their system on the top of unused system because the platform are difficult to use.