Our Services

Our service is simple, to build mobile app that engages people. From ideation and design, to development and optimization.

Ideation and Design

We create strategy planning and tactical execution by understanding your business nature and your target market.

Market Research
Creating platform before gathering data is plain reckless. But having a good data is not enough because you need insight. By partnering with a research company, we will help you gather insights through qualitative and quantitative research.
User Experience Design
We aim to create great experiences for your mobile application. Every app has to be delightful, makes you happy, and gets you immersed. By identifying user's behaviour using our analytical framework, we can extend the app to be not only usable, but also enjoyable.
Strategy Development
We support our Clients to achieve their KPI by recommending strategic implementation. We believe, mobile application is not only about the development process, but also the implementation in your business process.


We develop all the platform from scratch, and tailor it to one another based on your needs and objectives.

Native Mobile Application
Native means specially developed for each platform. Choose this if you're frustrated with slow application and want to create the best experience for each platform
Hybrid Mobile Application
Hybrid means creating multiple platform app using web technology. Choose this if you want to release fast and target a lot of platforms.
Web Application
Web application is an evolved website with more advanced functions and features. You'll need this to handle your desktop users.
OS Embedded System
Want to take control of a whole system's device? We give you solutions to custom the OS and tailor it to match your needs.
Back-end Development
Processing the data from front-end tier. It is where all the database and data stored.
Web Service Development (Middleware)
Tied up between front-end and back-end tier. It can be a connector to your core or legacy system like SAP.


We believe that great product is a combination of excellent implementation and consistent optimization.

Analytics Solution
We will help you to conduct a comprehensive architecture to measure your data & analytics, formulate the insights, and contextualise it for your current strategies.
Mobile Transformation Training
It is essential to introduce the mobile transformation inside your company, make them know the importance of implementation. It can be as simple as training your employee to utilise the mobile platform that we've produced.
Agile Optimization
Continuos delivery is the key. We need to be more flexible with realtime problem and solution. Agile is a method to make the workflow more adaptable to the problem by making optimisation faster and more efficient.

Now, when do we start?

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